1972 Westfield "Lotus" XI

Brand new Westfield "Lotus" XI...just completed and spectacular.
just sold

1972 Westfield “Lotus” XI

1972 Westfield “Lotus” XI, British Racing Green/Yellow with oxblood interior.  Built in 2020 by Liberty Motorsports in Costa Mesa, CA.  The Westfield XI is a replica of the winningest Lotus ever, the 1957 Lotus Eleven.  This Eleven tribute is wonderfully executed and overbuilt in true Liberty Motorsports fashion.  Everything is new, rebuilt, restored or updated.  Powered by a newly rebuilt 1275cc MG series A motor using upgraded pistons, high-compression aluminum head and twin SU carbs.  Mated to a brand-new Moss Motors Ford T9 gearbox, the drive of this ~1,200 lb racer is amazing.  The custom made side pipe & header sound just right, not too loud, it pulls strong, shifts perfect and at 35mph, you feel like you’re going 90mph!  Google “Peter Egan Road and Track 1984 Northeast by Westfield” for an epic Westfield XI roadtrip story that was responsible for spurring US sales of this car when it came out in the early 80’s.  This “Lotus” is new, dialed in without regard to budget and ready for tours, shows or the track. *Mileage since completion, CA titled/registered.

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