1950 Crosley Hotshot Super

A super rare Hotshot Super with the "big block" Crosley-Bearcat motor! Ready for race, show or touring.
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1950 Crosley Hotshot Super

1950 Crosley Hotshot Super, S/N 20382, Yellow with red interior.  The Crosley line of automobiles from Cincinnati, Ohio was more impressive than their small stature would imply…they held many automotive “firsts” and for a company that only sold cars from 1938 to 1952, they made a big impact in the automotive world.  The first American car company to have an affordable, mass market over-head camshaft engine, first company to use the phrase “sport utility” and the first American car company to have 4 wheel disc brakes on a production car.  The Hotshot was also America’s first post-war sports car…and this cute (?) little thing has 4 wheel disc brakes…before the Mercedes-Benz 300SL and years before the Corvette.  #20382 is a rust free Hotshot that was just restored by Liberty Motorsports of Costa Mesa, CA.  It was updated and modded as a nod to the Hotshot that won the 1950 Six Hours of Sebring race.  This car has the hot Crosley-Bearcat marine “big block” motor of 59ci (!) and the hi-po Braje intake with twin Tillotson carbs, Braje exhaust manifold and dual exhausts, a very hot set up for such a minimalist car. Other “race track” equipment on our Hotshot includes:  dual Brooklands screens (original windshield included), Marchal fog/driving lamps, Rundenmeister rally clock and timer, leather hood straps, and a VDO “Porsche-style” tachometer mounted under dash.   This Hotshot is ready for the track, show field or touring and is welcome on many of the world’s great events…a fun way to be invited and you will be the only “hotshot” there!


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  • Over the top restoration
  • Special “Bearcat” motor
  • Updated Braje go-fast goodies
  • Super model with removable doors  (CA)